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Of the 5 million orphaned children in Ethiopia 83% live in rural areas with little access to resources or support provided by non-governmental organizations. 

We believe a multi-faceted approach is the BEST way to address the Ethiopian orphan crisis. We are committed to partnering with families, local churches, and communities to enable Ethiopia’s most vulnerable children to reach their greatest potential. 

Orphan Care
Addressing the immediate needs for food, clothing, healthcare, education, social & psychological development for orphaned and vulnerable children living at our Child Transition Center.

Adoption Advocacy & Training
Partnering with local churches to teach biblical principles on adoption. Dispelling cultural myths &, instead, encouraging Ethiopian Christ-loving families to provide a home for orphans.

Community Outreach
Providing holistic care and support services including food, clothing, healthcare, education, psycho-social & legal support, which enables vulnerable children to remain at home with family members.

Economic Empowerment
Engaging vulnerable families with the financial & technical training they need to one day be reunified with their children who are currently in Kidmia’s care.

Kidmia also provides training in the community in the following areas:
• Modern agriculture, soil and water conservation, environmental protection, and rehabilitation;
• Protecting a child’s rights, including education and health;
• Preventing child labor, exploitation, and trafficking;
• Challenging harmful, traditional practices that may spread HIV/AIDS; and
• Mobilizing resources for the care and support of orphaned and vulnerable children.

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